City Services

  1. Animal Control

    Report nuisance animals.

  2. Building Permits & Inspections

    Get building permits or inspections.

  3. Chipper Services

    Find information regarding free chipper service to residents.

  4. Driving Safety Course

    Get details on the Driving Safety Course.

  5. Emergency Medical Services

    Get the latest on emergency medical services in Selma.

  6. Non-Building Permits

    Find out how you can get various permits in Selma.

  7. Street Sweeper Services

    Keep up to date on when the street sweeper will be in your area.

  8. Utilities

    Learn about getting utilities started for your house, or pay a bill.

  9. Voter Information

    Stay up to date on election activities.

  10. Emergency Management Plan

  11. Stormwater Information