Garage Sale Permit

Acquiring an Application
Selma residents seeking to obtain a garage sale permit must complete an application form. You can request a garage sale permit application by calling 210-651-7807, or you may come by the City Hall to pick one up in person. The garage sale application form must be fully completed in order for a permit to be issued.

Instructions on Completing the Application
The garage sale application permit shall include all information necessary to fully advise the city of the date or dates, street address location, hours of operation, and other information as may be reasonably required as to the garage sale by the city. The application must be completed by the owner or tenant of the residential property where the garage sale is to be conducted, and the permit may only be issued to the owner or tenant completing the application form.

The city may require the applicant to provide proof of address in the form of a state driver’s license, current utility bill, or other form of identification acceptable to the city. By applying for a garage sale permit and accepting said permit and conducting a garage sale, the applicant authorizes any code enforcement or law enforcement officer of the city to enter the property where the garage sale is being conducted for the purpose of determining that such sale is being conducted in accordance with the provisions of this article.

Fees & Other Details
The fee for issuance of a garage sale permit is $5, and the garage sale permit is non-transferable. The person applying for and receiving a garage sale permit must be the operator of the garage sale and the garage sale may only be conducted at the location stated on the permit. A garage sale permit may be issued for no more than two consecutive days and the date or dates of the garage sale shall be stated on the permit. The permit shall be displayed at the garage sale or be immediately available for inspection at the sale location by a code enforcement or law enforcement official of the city.