History of Selma

Initial Settlement

Old City Hall
Selma is believed to be one of the many settlements along the Cibolo Creek founded by German pioneers. In 1849, the Harrison and McCulloch Stagecoach Stop was created to transport passengers and freight between the communities of central, south, and east Texas.

Expansion & Decline

Following the establishment of the Stagecoach Stop, Selma opened its first post office in 1856, and as the population grew due to an influx of German and Polish immigrants, Selma added general stores, cotton gins, blacksmiths, a saloon, and a school. However, the post office was closed in 1906 and was replaced by rural delivery when the town population declined.

More Recent Years

Located sixteen miles northeast of downtown San Antonio, the population in Selma was 100 in 1940 and since the city’s incorporation in 1964, Selma has seen tremendous growth as businesses along the Interstate 35 Austin / San Antonio corridor has developed. The city of Selma is located on the Old Austin Road, which is now Interstate 35. Selma, which covers approximately five square miles, is in three counties (Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe) and today, has a population of more than 6,000.

Selma's Logo

Selma's Logo reflects the city's history, pride and progress. It rep¬resents Interstate 35 and the green belt. The freeway, being a major transportation route, links Selma to the world of people traveling for business and pleasure. The green belt depicts the pride Selma has set forth in development along the highway. The horse head depicts the history of Selma, a community dating back to 1847. The horse is the power and energy of the community starting with the early stage coach stop. Presently the horse is represented by Retama Race Track. The future will be horsepower to lead us into the next century. "S" rep¬resents the Cibolo Creek, the natural water source that brought early settlers to Selma. The logo and the symbols have a definite and lasting meaning. This is the look of the future for the City of Selma — Strong and Determined!