Chipper Services


Chipper Service is provided to residents free of charge during the FIRST WEEK of every month. As a reminder, chipper service is provided

for the residents of the City of Selma only. This service IS NOT for

professional landscaping services and then called for the City to come

chip the contractor produced waste. When professional landscape

contracts are entered into by the residents, have the removal of the

contractor generated waste included in the contract. Due to time and

volume constraints, each address is eligible for only one chipping service per month.

Here are brief reminders & guidelines

to remember when preparing

for chipper service:

1) No palm limbs will be chipped as they will clog the chipper;

2) Please no tree limbs wider than 12 inches in diameter;

3) No tree stumps, plywood, wood, or fencing can be chipped;

4) All brush and tree limbs must be stacked at the front curb to allow

easy access for City staff (City staff is not allowed to enter onto private

5) Not responsible for leaves left after chipping

6) No bulk items or trash will be chipped (arrangements can be

made with Republic Services @ Ph. 210.304.2787 to remove these bulk


7) No lot clearing, we only chip on lots that have a house where the trees are trimmed by the resident.

8) Please remember to set piles for chipper service as close to the

first week of the month as feasible; putting piles for chipper service too early can result in nesting for snakes and other animals.

Dates are subject to change due to weather or observance of holidays.


January 9th – 13th

February 6th – 10th 

March 6th – 10th 

April 10th – 14th 

May 1st – 5th 

June 5th – 9th 

July 10th – 14th 

August 7th – 11th 

September 11th – 15th 

October 2nd – 6th 

November 6th – 9th Monday thru Thursday Only due to Veterans Day

December 4th – 8th


January 8th – 12th 

February 5th – 9th 

March 4th – 8th 

April 1st – 5th 

May 6th – 10th 

June 3rd – 7th