City Administrator

The city administrator is appointed by the City Council. By ordinance the powers and duties of the city administrator shall be to:
  • Act as budget officer and as such to prepare and submit to the council, prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, a budget of proposed expenditures for the ensuing year, showing in as much detail as practicable the estimated amounts required for the efficient operation of each department of the city and the reasons for such estimated expenditures.
  • Act as purchasing agent for the city and to purchase all needed merchandise, material, and supplies, and to establish, if needed, a suitable storehouse where such supplies may be kept and from which same shall be issued as needed
  • Adopt such rules and regulations governing requisitions and transaction of business between his or her position as such purchasing agent and the heads of the departments, officers, and employees of the city as the council may approve
  • Attend all meetings of the council with the right to take part in the discussion, but having no vote, and the city administrator shall be notified of all special meetings of the council
  • Check all statements submitted to the city for payment and prepare checks for payment
  • Devote all working time and attention to the affairs of the city, and be responsible to the council for the efficient administration of its affairs
  • Exercise supervision and control over all the departments created by the council or that may hereafter be created
  • Maintain the original of all resolutions and ordinances of the city, keep the corporate seal, and preserve and keep in order all books, records, papers, documents, and files of the city
  • Maintain the payroll records for all employees
  • Make a full written report to the council as soon after the close of each month's accounts as possible, showing the operation and expenditures of each department for the preceding month, with the monthly allowances made for such departments in the annual budget, and to keep the council fully advised at all times as to the financial condition and needs of the city
  • Make and file a budget as required by state law
  • Receive, account for, and deposit all monies belonging to the city
  • Receive all bid proposals on contract work to be done in the city, the bids to be opened on instruction from the council
  • See that all laws and ordinances are enforced
  • See that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the city, or its inhabitants, in any public utility franchise, are faithfully kept and performed, and upon knowledge of any violation thereof to call the same to the attention of the council
  • With the advice and consent of the City Council, appoint and remove all heads of departments. The city administrator shall have the power to appoint or remove all subordinate employees