Office of the City Secretary

The city secretary is appointed by the City Council. By ordinance the powers and duties of the city secretary shall be to:
  • Attend each meeting of the City Council and shall keep, in a record provided for that purpose, accurate minutes of the City Council's proceedings
  • Carefully keep all contracts made by the City Council
  • Countersign all commissions issued to city officers and all licenses issued by the mayor, and keep a record of those commissions and licenses
  • Draw all the warrants on the treasurer, countersign the warrants, and keep, in a record provided for that purpose, an accurate account of the warrants
  • Engross and enroll all laws, resolutions, and ordinances of the City Council
  • Keep a register of bonds and bills issued by the city and all evidence of debt due and payable to the city, noting the relevant particulars and facts as they occur
  • Keep the corporate seal
  • Notify the state judicial council of the name of each person who is elected or appointed as mayor, municipal court judge, or clerk of a municipal court within 30 days after the date of the person's election or appointment
  • Perform all other duties required by law, ordinance, resolution, or order of the City Council
  • Prepare all notices required under any regulation or ordinance of the city
  • Serve as the general accountant of the city and shall keep regular accounts of the city receipts and disbursements
    • Credit accounts allowed by proper authority and shall specify the particular transaction to which each entry applies 
    • Keep each cause of receipt and disbursement separately and under proper headings
    • Keep separate accounts with each person, including each officer, who has monetary transactions with the city
    • Maintain records of the accounts and other information covered by this subsection
  • Take charge of, arrange, and maintain the records of the City Council