Deferred Disposition


Deferred disposition is a process in which the judge requires the defendant to adhere to certain terms. If a defendant successfully completes those terms, the case will be dismissed. Terms may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Attending a defensive driving class
  • Completing a specified number of community service hours
  • Refraining from committing certain violations during a specified time period
If the defendant does not complete the terms of deferred disposition or attend required educational classes, additional fines will be imposed and a conviction will be entered on their driving record.

Ineligible Offenses

Offenses not qualifying for deferred disposition include:
  • Any serious traffic offense
  • Traffic offenses committed by a person who holds a commercial driver’s license
  • Traffic offenses committed in a construction zone with workers present
Important note to commercial drivers license (CDL) holders: By state statute, CDL holders will not qualify for this option, even before the judge.

You must submit a written request for deferred disposition.