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Why is stormwater runoff important?
Storm sewer systems are designed to collect rain water and convey it to a local waterbody. Unlike sanitary sewers, water collected through storm sewer pipes is not directed to a treatment plant. As a result, any pollutants that run into the pipes will flow directly to a waterbody. These pollutants can be present in a variety of forms including: garbage, oil and grease, gasoline, lawn pesticides, pet waste, paint, grass clippings, cleaning products and sediments.
Stormwater runoff poses a high risk to our waterbodies because it can be easily polluted and is not cleaned. These pollutants harm aquatic life, native vegetation and endanger local drinking water.

What can you do to prevent pollution to local waterbodies?
1. Take proper care of your vehicle. Repair leaks to prevent oil from washing into the storm sewer system and dispose of used oil and antifreeze properly. Washing your car in the driveway allows soap and dirt to run into the storm sewer system. When possible, take your car to a commercial car wash.
2. Be thoughtful of your lawn care. Avoid overusing pesticides and fertilizers. If possible, buy phosphorus free fertilizers to prevent phosphorus from running into local water and contributing to an overgrowth of plants. Also, do not spread fertilizers on hard surfaces such as driveways or sidewalks.
3. Be a responsible pet owner. Always pick up your pet’s waste and dispose of it properly. Any waste left behind will be washed into the storm sewer system when it rains. This pollutes the local waterbodies by introducing harmful bacteria and excess nutrients.
4. Report any sighting of stormwater pollution to the “Stormwater Concern” form on the city’s website. These sightings may include: mud or sediments running into the streets from construction sites, dumping into storm drains or an overflow of trash in a storm drain.

Please take a moment to complete the Selma Stormwater Survey and Email back to Rene Saenz.

The results of this survey will be used to guide City of Selma, now and in the future, in the mission of addressing and rectifying “stormwater issues for our community.

A copy of the City of Selma’s Stormwater Management Plan is available for viewing at 9375 Corporate Drive, Selma Texas 78154

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